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About PCB Trace Technologies Inc.

PCB Trace Technologies Inc has been helping the electronics industry since 1997. We provide various printed circuit boards and services covering the United States as well as the rest of the world. We manufacture boards ranging from 2 to 32 layers. We also provide quick turn PCBs and assemblies for consigned and full turn-key projects.

Printed Circuit Boards

We specialize in PCBs made from exotic materials, boards with higher layer count, laser drilled micro-vias, buried/blind vias, via in pads, and conductive and non-conductive via fillings.

PCB Assembly

As an expert in PCB fabrication and assembly, PCB Trace Technologies Inc offers services for:

  • Prototypes
  • Short production runs
  • Medium production runs
  • Long production runs

We use your design to fabricate boards, mount them with components, and solder them to form the circuit assembly. We deliver after testing the finished PCBs.

When you need only assembly, you must provide the individual parts necessary for the project, while we supply the assembly labor.

For Partial Turn-Key assemblies, you provide as much of the parts as you can, while we supply the rest and the assembly labor.

For Full Turn-Key assembly, you only provide us with the design. We fabricate the PCB, obtain all the necessary parts, and the assembly labor.

We ensure precision and reliability by using special machines for placing and soldering the components on the PCB.

PCB Design

We have experienced staff engineers to work with you throughout the design process. We ensure the consistency, manufacturability, and quality of the product throughout the process. We also provide online assistance through our tools like:

  • Impedance Calculator—this is an important tool for designing high-speed boards.
  • Layer Stacking Assistant—this tool helps with circuit routing in multi-layered boards.
  • Design for Manufacturability— the DFM tool ensures the layout will work without issues during manufacturing and assembly.


After assembling the board, we use various test methods to ensure the assembly is according to plan. This includes inspecting the finished product.

For any type of query, or to obtain price quotes, visit our website, or contact [email protected]

We continuously strive to improve our efforts, and we welcome your feedback. PCB Trace Technologies Inc will always deliver your boards and assemblies on time, and we provide excellent quality.

We do appreciate your business, and we are looking forward to serving you.

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PCB Trace Technologies Inc. specializes in higher layer count PCBs, exotic materials, laser drill micro-vias, blind/buried vias, as well as conductive and non-conductive via fill.