Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing

PCB Trace Technologies Inc. fabricates rigid-flex PCBs for applications that require flexible and rigid boards in sequence. Depending on the requirements of the application, we make the rigid-flex boards consisting of multiple layers of flexible substrates sandwiched between or attached to one or more rigid boards. We design the flex substrates to be capable of flexing continuously. If necessary to install them in a 3-D space, we can change the manufacturing process to allow a fixed curve.

Designing PCBs for installing in a 3-D space for achieving a higher spatial efficiency can be a challenging process. Designing a rigid-flex board to fit in a small space can be a lot more complicated compared to designing with regular rigid boards. Our design of rigid-flex boards allows them to twist, fold, or roll in three dimensions depending on the requirements of the application. We use special forming processes during manufacturing for giving the flexible substrates of the board a definite final shape.

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Rigid Flex PCB Capabilities

While manufacturing rigid-flex PCBs, PCB Trace Technologies Inc. offers customers the combination boards with various combination of technologies, hence the name. For commercial applications we have complex rigid-flex boards with multiple-layers. For aerospace and military requirements, we have mil-grade PCBs with high reliability.

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Copper Thickness0.5 – 4.0 oz
Minimum Track Width / Space2 mil / 2 mil
Minimum Hole Diameter4 mil
Copper to Board Edge10 mil
Via to rigid-flex minimum transition30 mil
Minimum Pitch for BGA0.35 mm
Coverlay Opening4 mil
Drill Size on Outer Layers6 mil for 0.062” thick boards
Drill Size on Inner Layers3 mil laser drill for HDI boards
Coverlay web with Kapton6 mil

Rigid Flex PCB Applications

Various applications use rigid flex PCBs. Among them are high-end mobile phones, digital cameras, military weapon systems, and aerospace applications. Manufacturers of medical devices like pacemakers are significantly reducing their size and weight with the use of rigid-flex circuitry. Military weaponry and control systems are also taking advantage of the reduction in weight and size by increasing their use of rigid flex PCBs.

Similarly, consumer electronic products are also following the same trend and using rigid flex circuits. These boards help to maximize the space within these devices, and at the same time, minimize their weight. By eliminating delicate, fragile wiring and associated solder joints, the replacement rigid flex boards significantly improve product reliability.

Rigid flex boards from PCB Trace Technologies Inc. benefit all advanced electronic and electrical equipment. These equipment include various machinery, tools, testing equipment, and even the automobile sector. In case you are unsure of the circuit technology best suited for any application, simply call PCB Trace Technologies Inc.. today. We have experts to help you decide if you need an HDI PCB, rigid-flex PCB, flex PCB, or a rigid PCB.

Rigid Flex PCB Production

PCB Trace Technologies Inc produces dependable rigid flex boards. We offer both large-scale quantities for production together with small quantities for prototypes. Our experts can also assemble your PCBs after fabrication. We make light-weight rigid flex boards that can fit into limited space, offering freedom in three-dimensional space.

Use rigid flex PCB with PCB Trace Technologies Inc.’s technology to give significant benefits to your projects. You can make the most of these benefits if you start making proper and careful assessment of the various options early on in your project’s design phase. With PCB Trace Technologies Inc., a knowledgeable rigid flex PCB technology fabricator by your side during the design process, we ensure complete coordination and synchronization between your design and fabrication processes, thereby making a success of your project.

An early association mentioned above is necessary, as fabricating a rigid flex board is a highly complex and time-consuming process in comparison to production of regular rigid PCBs. We use completely different processes while fabricating the flexible part of the rigid flex board. Compared to the processes for regular boards, flexible components require entirely different type of handling, chemical etching, mechanical or laser drilling, and soldering techniques.

Rigid Flex PCB Fabrication Issues

When we fabricate rigid flex boards, we know the shrinkage associated with the flexible polyimide core after etching. Therefore, after we have etched the unwanted copper from the bonded copper foil, the board size will reduce. Designers need to consider this shrinkage in the early stages of their design of rigid flex boards.

Many applications require a permanent bend in the flex portion of the board. We form the bend using different lengths of multiple substrates—the inner layer being of smaller length compared to the adjacent outer layer. If we do not make the layers of different lengths during the early phase in design, the PCB may face excessive stress during forming, and this might lead to fractures appearing in the layers.

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Rigid Flex PCB Advantages

  • Minimizes your space requirements (start early in the design phase)
  • Reduces the weight and size of the board
  • Removes the need for connectors and wiring between boards
  • Lowers part count in the BOM
  • Improves product reliability (lower number of solder joints in wiring)
  • Simplifies the assembly process, reduces errors
  • Handling is easier compared to handling fully flexible PCBs
  • Helps simplify modular interfaces by the use of ZIF connectors
  • Possible to conduct testing before device assembly
  • Significantly reduces assembly and logistics costs
  • Reduces complexity in mechanical design
  • Improves degree of freedom
  • Optimizes housing solution

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Increased Production Panel Output

We can now ship 100 production panels of 18"x24" in 5-7 working days for 2 to 10 layer designs.


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