Good evening Ricky, Great job on getting us the HM110565_CCA today. Great job to everyone on the PCB Trace Team. You exceeded my expectations. I also wanted to confirm that you are still on target to ship the HM110564_CCA on 5/14? Thanks again y’all. Cheers! Best Regards,

Larry Hiller

Project Manager

Hi Imran & Team, PCB Trace Technologies Inc. delivers consistent quality and service. They are a great business partner.

Bernadette Timothy

Senior Design Engineer

Roy, Thanks of the support provided over the last decade. We appreciate the excellent customer service from your team. No comparison with offshore competitors even at cheaper prices.

David Chambers

PCB Design Specialist

PCB Trace team, We are always pleased with your prompt, friendly service and excellent quality.


Design Engineer

PCB Trace Technologies Inc. provides the best service and quality of any board house we have tried. Highly recommend PCB Trace for both prototype and production.

Francisco Klimek

Senior Engineer

PCB Trace Technologies Inc. is the first choice for our PCBs. Their support and customer service are consistent and excellent.

Felicitas Ruth

Design Engineer

Having used PCB Trace Technologies Inc. for over 10 years, we consider them the VERY BEST. Their PCBs are always of the highest quality, but at reasonable prices.

Jeffery Gomez

Engineering Manager

PCB Trace Technologies Inc. delivering on time every time with outstanding quality. Much appreciated.

Richard E. Campo

PCB Trace team, Great service and prices.


Hi Ricky & team, Awesome quick service. Refreshing to receive prototypes this quickly.


Hi Roy, Very pleased with boards and your service in getting them to us so quickly. Thanks.


Hi Imran, PCB Trace Technologies Inc. has proved to be a reliable source for our PCBs. They readily meet our needs for prototypes, pre-production and production volumes. Easy to work with and readily available, we recommend PCB Trace for their great quality.


Hi Sam, We have been a loyal customer of PCB Trace Technologies Inc. from its inception. Your prices are very competitive and they maintain excellent quality.

Kim V.

Hi Ricky & PCBA Team, We recommend PCB Trace Technologies Inc. to anyone needing quality circuit boards.


Appreciate the team that made this happen so quickly and helped us meet a pressing schedule. We have received the boards and have started installing these on flex cables to eliminate future problems.


Hi Roy & Max, You guys absolutely nailed it! For an HDI board of this size and number of components to be up and running so quickly is a real testament to your team. Again, please relay our gratitude.


Hi Roy, We got the flex boards early, and so far everything looks great. One mole successfully whacked! Many thanks to your team for getting this one out ahead of the holiday weekend.


Hi Imran, We’ve received and tested the rigid flex boards and they look great. Thanks for all your support this past year. Happy holidays and looking forward to continuing to work with PCB Trace Technologies Inc.


Hi Max, Just when I get not so good news from another supplier, I get really good news from PCB Trace Technologies Inc.!! Your high layer rigid boards are simply superb. I could use more suppliers like you! Thanks for making my day…again!


Hi Roy, We have fully processed the complete run of your flexible circuit boards and had spectacular results. It is the only time we have had a 99% first pass yield for this particular board. Good job!


Hi Team, I just want to appreciate the fabulous job all of you have done on our flex board turnkey assembly! I really acknowledge the timely deliveries and the quality of work with your turnkey assembly services. We are very pleased with the working relationship we have with PCB Trace Technologies Inc. Thanks again!


Senior Project Manager

Hi Team, PCB Trace Technologies Inc. has helped me for a number of years on specialty full turnkey PCB assembly projects. They have always been prompt in their deliveries and their quality has always remained top-notch. I expressly recommend them for any high-reliability, challenging application. Regards

Nitin Patel

Senior Project Manager

Hi Imran, To summarize PCB Trace Technologies Inc. advantage in one phrase is you guys are “peace of mind” providers. Because of your quality, knowledge, and reliable execution, we didn’t have to worry about chips shortages and kit issues that could delay the project. Regards,

Raymond C

Senior Design Engineer

Hi Roy, PCB Trace Technologies Inc. is a prompt supplier. You got our complete batch of rigid-flex boards assembled in time. I really appreciate your customer focus, given that you handled the parts challenge really well when everyone is facing chip shortages. Thanks

Luis Umbarila

Hi Ricky, I wanted to give you an update on the assembly quality of the last rigid-flex builds. The Assembly quality of all the boards has been excellent. I want to thank the entire PCB Trace Technologies Inc team for being so flexible to work with and able to respond to our changes in BOM in such a smooth fashion. Keep up the good work! Thanks

Nathan Burget

Hi Roy, I have been very pleased with your customer service representatives. I cannot say enough about their disposition to go above and beyond for our company, even with your assembly labor challenges. We have received excellent quality of boards and quick turns, which is what keeps us coming back to PCB Trace Technologies Inc. for board assemblies. Thank you for all your hard work. Regards,

Michael Eller

Manager NPI

Hi Imran, Thanks for reaching out and everything PCB Trace Technologies Inc. has done for us to get us through the difficult part of the project. We greatly appreciate the quick response and turnaround you have done for us over the last couple of months, despite the labor challenges and crippling chip shortage all over the world. Thank you,

Michael Jensen

Senior Design Engineer

PCB Trace Technologies Inc. was able to match our requirements fully and rapidly for a custom-made solution, specifically to our needs for flex boards. Our company expanded extremely quickly and it was a primary challenge for us to provide highly reliable rigid and flex boards for our system. PCB Trace Technologies Inc. was punctual with the full turnkey services and made deliveries just in time, even with the pandemic creating labor problems. and were also very responsive to our queries. Eventually, we chose PCB Trace Technologies Inc. to be our Full-Turnkey Assembly provider. Regards,

Davis Hoffman

Design Engineer

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Increased Production Panel Output

We can now ship 100 production panels of 18"x24" in 5-7 working days for 2 to 10 layer designs.


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PCB Trace Technologies Inc. specializes in higher layer count PCBs, exotic materials, laser drill micro-vias, blind/buried vias, as well as conductive and non-conductive via fill.