Telecommunication PCB

Telecommunication PCB

Full Feature PCBs for the Telecommunications Industry – PCB Trace

PCB Trace builds high-reliability PCBs for the telecommunications industry with exceptional high-frequency performance and with near-zero transmission delays. As experts, we offer our customers excellent 5G boards with controlled impedance.

The telecommunications industry requires high-quality PCBs. From office communications to broadcasting networks, PCBs make it possible to operate all types of electronic communications equipment. Telecommunications PCBs help to interconnect faster, more clearly, and more effectively than ever before. Contact PCB Trace for the right boards that offer clear, fast, effective communication.

We help you design high-frequency boards that support all types of communication networks, including 5G. We ensure your device remains connected without experiencing any latency or transmission delays. Our expert design engineers work regularly with startups and giants in the telecommunications industry, helping them meet their targets, while solving their signal integrity and controlled impedance issues.

Telecommunication PCBs

Choosing PCBs for Telecommunications

Selecting a PCB for the telecommunications industry requires careful consideration of the application. For instance, office communication requires PCBs in video collaboration, phone switching systems, PBX systems, and for VOIP devices. On the other hand, general telecommunications systems require PCBs for cell towers, high-speed routers, satellite systems, servers, and commercial phones. LED display control and indicators also require telecommunication PCBs.

Whatever be your requirement, contact PCB Trace today for a single-window solution.

Specific telecommunication applications require various types of PCBs. Many telecommunication applications have establishments outdoors. These applications require PCBs that can withstand harsh climates, weather, and adverse environment conditions. For such applications, it is necessary to have a temperature-resistant PCB that is highly durable.

PCB Trace can supply any type of printed circuit board for all telecommunication applications.

Why PCB Trace for Telecommunications PCBs

As PCB Trace is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we offer boards with UL and RoHS certifications, most telecommunication industries prefer doing business with us. We offer our customers long life, sturdy, and reliable boards that withstand harsh conditions that telecommunications PCBs typically face.

Contact us today for any requirements of high-quality printed circuit boards for your telecommunication devices. We offer all types of PCB fabrication and assembly services for the telecommunications industry. Not only will you get the final product directly from our plant, there will also be no logistical interference to hinder the process.

Our engineering team will work with your design team to handle your stack-up and placement of components on your board. They will help to route all signals including single-ended and differential-pair tracks, place coupling capacitors and vias effectively, and adjust track length for proper matching to achieve the optimum transmission delays. They will also calculate the effective dielectric constant for your board.

Miniaturization Services

Avail of our miniaturization services for PCBs. We can help you to transition your boards from regular rigid PCBs to flexible or rigid-flex PCBs. We also manufacture all types of printed circuit boards for various telecommunication applications like:

  • Transceiver Stations
  • Telecommunication Towers
  • Cell Phones
  • Connected Vehicles
  • High-Speed Modems

Testing Standards

PCB Trace follows international testing standards to ensure the detection of any existing flaws at the earliest, thereby preventing device failures.

With our internationally certified quality management systems, PCB Trace guarantees boards with zero defects. Our fabrication criteria confirm to the stringent requirements for meeting Class 2 and Class 3 PCBs. Our established testing methods ensure the manufacturing process undergoes tests including:

  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • Micro-Section Analysis
  • X-ray Fluorescence Tests
  • Flying Probe Tests
  • Solderability Tests
  • Ionic Contamination Tests
  • Peel Strength Tests
  • Time Domain Reflectometry Tests
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Electrical Performance Tests

Contact our technical team today for any tests that your board requires.


Our bare rigid boards meeting Class 2 and Class 3 requirements confirm to the stringent International IPC-6012 industry standards. We ensure our boards are zero-defect.

Our PCBs for the telecommunications industry confirm to IPC-A-610H, the acceptability standard for electronic assembly. This also includes ESD considerations.

Our boards also confirm to the Underwriters Laboratories standard, UL 94V0 that deals with flammability.


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We will run DFM/DFA analysis on your documents, and get back to you with a report.

PCB Trace gives you the highest quality IPC Class 3 boards for your telecommunications requirements.

Contact a PCB Trace specialist today.

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Increased Production Panel Output

We can now ship 100 production panels of 18"x24" in 5-7 working days for 2 to 10 layer designs.

Looking for an expert solution for your company?

PCB Trace Technologies Inc. specializes in higher layer count PCBs, exotic materials, laser drill micro-vias, blind/buried vias, as well as conductive and non-conductive via fill.