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We offer products for Aerospace and Defense, Military, High-Frequency Telecommunications, High-Speed Computing, LED, Navigation and automotive, and many more applications. Our PCB Assembly Services can cater to all volumes, from prototype quantities to large-volume production, including design, fabrication, and assembly. In short, we have a total solution to any requirement. Here are details of our capabilities:

  • PCBs for Digital Applications
    • RF PCBs with Metal Backing
    • RF/Microwave PCBs
    • Flex and Rigid-Flex Boards
    • Metal-Clad & Insulated Metal-Clad PCBs
    • Ultra-High-Density Interconnect PCBs

Our PCB Assembly Services

We offer several PCB assembly services for the benefit of our customers. These include:

Quick-Turn PCB Assembly: We offer quick-turn PCB assembly services to meet your tight deadlines. Our in-house manufacturing and assembly facilities lead to better control over our production processes, and our customers can expect a minimum risk of quality issues, delays, and a faster response to their needs.

As a crucial aspect of modern electronics manufacturing, we offer quick-turn PCB assembly, enabling rapid prototyping and faster time-to-market for our customers. Our expedited fabrication and assembly of PCBs allows our customers to quickly iterate and test their designs. We emphasize on speed in quick-turn PCB assembly with accelerated production timelines, typically ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks. Our service is particularly valuable in industries where innovation cycles are rapid, such as electronics, telecommunications, and automotive. Along with our quick-turn PCB assembly, we offer agile solutions, leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies to streamline the production process. Our goal is to provide clients with functional prototypes or small production runs in a timely manner, facilitating swift testing, validation, and adjustments before full-scale production. With our agile approach to PCB assembly, our customers can stay ahead in the competitive landscape of technology and innovation.

Prototype PCB Assembly:

We can help you bring your PCB prototypes to life with our prototype PCB assembly services. We can meet your rapid change requirements with ease. We also help with manual assembly when you are developing your prototype.

Our prototype PCB assembly service plays a pivotal role in the early stages of electronics development, offering our customers a tangible platform to validate and refine their innovative ideas. Our specialized assembly process involves the fabrication and assembly of a small batch of printed circuit boards (PCBs) intended for testing, proof of concept, and design verification. During prototype PCB assembly, we collaborate closely with our customers to address specific design challenges and ensure that the final product meets your performance criteria. With emphasis on flexibility, precision, and quick turnaround times, we support iterative design processes. While our prototype assembly allows for thorough testing of electronic functionalities, it also helps identify potential issues before you move to mass production. We understand this phase is critical in your product development lifecycle, and we offer it as a bridge between the conceptualization of an electronic device and its full-scale manufacturing. You can use the insights gained from our prototype PCB assembly and use them to significantly refine your design and optimize the final product for an early market release.

Low-Volume PCB Assembly:

We are flexible enough to handle low-volume high-mix PCB assembly projects.

Our low-volume high-mix PCB assembly service is a specialized manufacturing approach tailored to the production of electronic devices in relatively small quantities with a diverse range of product variations. Unlike high-volume production models, this strategy recognizes the need for flexibility and adaptability, accommodating a mix of different PCB designs within the same production run. We offer this approach for industries where product variations, customization, and rapid changes in design are common. Our low-volume high-mix PCB assembly methodologies leverage advanced technologies and agile production processes to efficiently handle your diverse requirements. Our emphasis is always on minimizing setup times, optimizing changeovers, and we ensure that we produce even small batches of PCBs with precision and consistency. This tailored approach allows our customers to respond swiftly to market demands, maintain cost-effectiveness in smaller production runs, and foster innovation by accommodating a spectrum of product variations within the same manufacturing environment.

High-Volume PCB Assembly:

Our multiple assembly lines can handle high-volume low-mix PCB assembly projects.

Our high-volume, low-mix PCB assembly is a manufacturing strategy designed for efficiency and scalability in the production of electronic devices. In this approach, we focus on large quantities of standardized printed circuit boards (PCBs) with minimal variations in design. We target our service towards industries where mass production of a specific electronic product is the primary objective, leading to economies of scale and cost-effectiveness. By minimizing setup times and changeovers, we optimize our manufacturing processes for high throughput and repeatability. With this streamlined approach, we can efficiently produce identical or closely related PCBs in large volumes, thereby ensuring a steady supply of electronic boards for widespread applications. Our high-volume, low-mix assembly service excels in meeting the demands of markets where a standardized electronic product is in high demand, leading to increased production efficiency and reduced per-unit costs.

Consignment PCB Assembly:

We offer consignment PCB assembly services to meet your specific needs.

We offer our consignment PCB assembly service as a collaborative manufacturing model where you, the customer, provides the electronic components and materials, while we carry out the assembly. In this arrangement, you maintain control over the sourcing and procurement of components, ensuring that specific materials or proprietary parts are used in the assembly process. On the other hand, we are responsible for the actual manufacturing, quality control, and assembly of the printed circuit boards (PCBs) based on your specifications. This model is particularly beneficial when you have existing relationships with component suppliers or have unique materials that you want incorporated into the PCBs. Our consignment PCB assembly service allows for a high degree of customization and client involvement in the production process, while we, as your manufacturing partner, bring expertise in assembly techniques and quality assurance. However, effective communication and collaboration between us and the customer are crucial for the success of consignment PCB assembly, ensuring that the final product meets the customer’s expectations and specifications.

Component Procurement:

We can source the components you require for your PCB assemblies.

Our component procurement assembly is a pivotal phase in the electronics manufacturing process, involving the systematic sourcing and acquisition of all necessary electronic components for a given project. This multifaceted task encompasses identifying suitable suppliers, negotiating pricing and terms, assessing the quality and reliability of components, and managing the logistics of procurement to ensure timely delivery. With our component procurement service, we strive to secure the required materials for the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components, adhering to the customer’s project specifications and quality standards. Our procurement teams work diligently to establish efficient supply chains, mitigate risks associated with component shortages or price fluctuations, and maintain relationships with reliable suppliers. We understand this phase is critical in achieving a balance between cost-effectiveness and component quality, while laying the foundation for a smooth and successful electronics manufacturing process. We offer an effective component procurement as an integral service to meet production timelines, minimize costs, and ensure the overall success of your manufacturing project.

PCB Design for Manufacturability (DFM):

We can help you design your PCBs for manufacturability. We will ensure a smooth and efficient assembly process for your boards.

Our PCB design for manufacturability service is a strategic and collaborative approach that focuses on creating printed circuit board (PCB) layouts that not only meet the customer’s functional requirements but also optimize the ease and efficiency of the manufacturing process. Our engineers and designers consider various factors during this phase, including component placement, trace routing, and the overall layout of the board, with the aim of streamlining the assembly process and reducing production costs. We consider aspects like component orientation, spacing, and accessibility, ensuring that it is possible to carry out assembly and soldering processes smoothly and with high precision. By addressing manufacturability early in the design process, we can proactively identify and resolve potential issues such as signal integrity problems, thermal management challenges, and component assembly difficulties. In offering this service, we strive to create a PCB design that not only meets the customer’s technical specifications but is also optimized for efficient, cost-effective, and reliable manufacturing. Our ultimate aim is to contribute to a smoother transition from design to the production phase.

PCB Testing and Inspection:

We offer a variety of PCB testing and inspection services to ensure the quality of your assemblies. This includes manual inspection, automated optical inspections, X-Ray inspections, in-circuit testing, and flying probe testing.

Our PCB testing and inspection services are integral stages in the electronics manufacturing process, serving as crucial measures to ensure the functionality, reliability, and quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Testing encompasses a variety of techniques, including functional testing, in-circuit testing, and boundary scan testing, to verify that the assembled PCB meets design specifications and operates as intended. Inspection, on the other hand, involves a thorough visual examination and assessment of the PCB for any defects, such as soldering issues, component misplacements, or other manufacturing anomalies. We employ automated optical inspection (AOI) and X-ray inspection as common tools for detecting minute defects that may not be apparent through visual inspection alone. The combined efforts of testing and inspection play a pivotal role in identifying and rectifying potential issues early in the production process, ensuring that the final product adheres to quality standards and meets the stringent requirements of the electronics industry. Our meticulous approach contributes significantly to the reliability and performance of electronic devices in various applications.

PCB Conformal Coating:

We can apply different types of conformal coating on your PCBs to protect them from the environment.

With our PCB conformal coating service, we place a protective layer on printed circuit boards (PCBs) to safeguard them from environmental factors that could compromise their performance and longevity. We carefully apply this thin film, often made of materials like acrylic, silicone, or epoxy, over the entire PCB or specific components. It creates a protective barrier against moisture, dust, chemicals, and other contaminants. The conformal coating helps prevent corrosion, electrical shorts, and other issues that could arise from exposure to harsh conditions. Our process is especially crucial in applications where PCBs are subjected to extreme temperatures, humidity, or corrosive environments. Apart from providing a protective shield, our conformal coating also allows for proper heat dissipation, while not interfering with the electrical functionality of the board. The application of conformal coating is a meticulous step in the manufacturing process that enhances the reliability and durability of electronic devices, particularly those intended for use in challenging environmental conditions.

PCB Box Build:

We can also assemble your PCBs into complete electronic products based on your instructions.

Our PCB box build service is the comprehensive process of assembling and integrating printed circuit boards (PCBs) into their final enclosures or housing structures, transforming them into fully functional electronic devices. This intricate stage of manufacturing involves the assembly of not just the PCBs themselves, but also the incorporation of various components such as connectors, cables, switches, and displays, within a designated enclosure. PCB box build encompasses a broad range of activities, from mechanical assembly to the installation of software and firmware, resulting in a complete, ready-to-use electronic system. This end-to-end integration ensures that the electronic device not only meets functional specifications but also complies with the customer’s design requirements and industry standards. Our PCB box build service is a crucial phase in the electronics manufacturing process, requiring meticulous attention to detail and precision to guarantee the seamless operation of the final product.

Feel free to reach out to us today to discuss your specific application needs. Our dedicated technical team is always available to provide assistance and guidance. If you’re looking for a quick and accurate quotation, simply send us your documents, and we’ll ensure you receive a response the same day. Your satisfaction and the success of your project are our top priorities.

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