Parts Ordering For Assembly

Parts Ordering for PCB Assembly

One of the most often asked questions about every PCB assembly project that PCB Trace Technologies Inc undertakes is:

“How many parts should we order to accomplish the assembly of PCBs?”

With most projects being high-reliability and time-sensitive, the above question is particularly important and a perfectly valid one for establishing the proper quantities accurately.

We do not expect the customer to know the manner of mounting and using component tapes and reels on our automated SMT equipment such as pick-and-place machines.

However, our schedule of processing and assembly requires a calculated number of components in a consignment kit. Unless the proper quantities of components are available, we cannot maintain our processing schedules and timely deliveries. Therefore, we recommend our full turnkey PCB assembly services to all our customers for their PCB assembly projects. This ensures timely realization and the optimum product quality.

Email or send us your Gerber files and BOM for RFQ. We will send you separate quotes for PCB fabrication and PCB assembly, or a quote for full turnkey PCB assembly. For additional information, call us today on 1 408-496-6013 or contact us at [email protected].

PCB Assembly Component Quantities and Overages

Adequate quantities of components ensure no delays in assembly projects. This must also include some extra component numbers in cases of breakages and attritions. Therefore, PCB Trace Technologies Inc has a plan for ordering overages for allowing our customers to evaluate individual component quantity they must order depending on the size:

SMD ComponentTotal Quantity Requirement
Size/Footprint< 20 Nos.< 50 Nos.< 100 Nos.
01005Order 150+Order 200+Order 250+
0201Order 100+Order 150+Order 200+ or 250+
0402Order 100+Order 150+Order 200+ or 250+
0603Order 100+Order 150+Order 200+ or 250+
0805Order 50+Order 100+Order 150+
1200Order 50+Order 100+Order 150+

As most SMD capacitors and resistors cost very low, each about a few cents, a couple of hundred or so SMD components will cost only about US$5 a strip. Moreover, as the operator can feed the strip into the feeder, it is not essential to buy a digi-reel, as it is more expensive.

However, for significantly more expensive components, PCB Trace Technologies Inc recommends the following guide for estimating overages:

Total RequirementQuantity
5 – 10 Nos.Order 3 Nos. extra
50+ Nos.Order 5 – 10 Nos. extra
100+ Nos.Order 10 – 20 Nos. extra

Customers must note that TDK and Murata supply 01005 SMD sizes only on tape with width 4 mm. This is not useful to PCB Trace Technologies Inc as all other manufacturers offer cassette feeders with a standard width of 8 mm, and 4 mm tapes do not fit in our machines. Hence, we recommend that our customers do not offer us tapes with 4 mm width.

Our turnkey PCB assembly services offers more resources.

For further information about our procurement processes and of handling multiple suppliers, you can contact our assembly experts for an effective proposal.

You can contact our expert about ordering parts at our PCB assembly services. Call us on 1 408-580-0722, or email us at [email protected].

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Increased Production Panel Output

We can now ship 100 production panels of 18"x24" in 5-7 working days for 2 to 10 layer designs.

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