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Electronic PCB Prototyping Versus Full-Spec Production

Eminent PCB or printed circuit board manufacturers such as PCB Trace Technologies Inc. offer two major types of services—one for PCB prototyping, and the other for full-spec production of PCBs. Here, we compare the two services and enumerate the requirements that the two services fulfil. What is PCB Prototyping? With the PCB prototyping service, the […]

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All About Paper Circuit Boards

A vast majority of PCBs or printed circuit boards that electronic equipment requires are typically made from FR4 or glass epoxy. Although many users are shifting to polyimide-based flex boards, PCB Trace Technologies Inc. finds the future of PCB design trending towards paper circuit boards. That may be because PCB substrates made of paper have […]

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Choosing the Right Custom PCB Manufacturer in the United States

Deciding on the right custom PCB manufacturer in the United States can be critical for electronic designers, engineers, and OEMs. According to PCB Trace Technologies Inc., it can be overwhelming to decide which manufacturer you can trust to meet your PCB fabrication and assembly needs. As the board quality can affect the performance, safety, and […]

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How to Choose the Right PCB Color for Your Project

At PCB Trace Technologies Inc., we manufacture various types of PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards with different colors, as required by our clients. Although it is common belief that color choice may not matter much for PCBs, that would not be the right assumption. The industry uses color for PCBs as a form of security, […]

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Overview of Machinery for PCB Manufacturing

The PCB or printed circuit board manufacturing process is a complex procedure requiring many crucial steps, starting from design, proceeding through the production of the boards, and ending in their packaging and delivery. PCB Trace Technologies Inc. is a renowned PCB manufacturer, and we use computer-guided and automated machinery to ensure accuracy and efficiency in […]

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PCB Trace Technologies Inc. specializes in higher layer count PCBs, exotic materials, laser drill micro-vias, blind/buried vias, as well as conductive and non-conductive via fill.