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HDI Routing Strategies for PCBs

HDI or High-Density Interconnect printed circuit boards need to achieve highly dense designs without compromising the functionality of the circuit. For this, designers must use the latest design strategies and manufacturing technologies. One of the techniques they use is HDI routing, which involves using multiple routing layers, smaller vias and pads, narrower traces, and thinner […]

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Six Popular Copper Clad Laminates

According to PCB Trace Technologies Inc, each Printed Circuit Board or PCB has its own requirements and specifications. Their usage conditions guide product development engineers in selecting the best options for PCBs. The PCB industry divides copper clad laminates into various categories, such as: Mechanical Rigidity—There are rigid copper clad laminates and flexible copper clad […]

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All About OSP Surface Finish

PCB Trace Technologies Inc offers many types of surface finishes for the PCBs we manufacture. These include HASL or Hot Air Solder Leveling, ENIG or Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold, OSP or Organic Solderability Preservative, ENEPIG or Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, and Immersion Silver. Conductivity of the surface on the copper pad […]

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PCB Trace Technologies Inc. specializes in higher layer count PCBs, exotic materials, laser drill micro-vias, blind/buried vias, as well as conductive and non-conductive via fill.