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Repeat an order

If you wish to repeat an order, you may do so in fewer clicks rather than filling up the order form right from the scratch.

  1. Please click on the My Orders tab. Once you have identified the order that you would like to repeat again, click on the Actions column at the extreme right. It will show you three options in a drop-down list: View Order, Repeat Order, and Duplicate Order.
Repeat an order

2. Once you click on Repeat Order, you will be directed the following form, where you will be able to modify only the Quantity Required textbox.

Repeat PCB order

3. Once you make the changes in the Quantity Required box, if any, you may click on the Next Step > button at the bottom-right side. This will take you the following form, where you will be able to change only few sections such as Material Type, Board Thickness, Mask Color, and Silk Color. After you make the necessary changes, please click on the Next Step > button:

order repeat

4. When you click on Next Step >, you will be taken to the Advanced Options (Optional) form, which as the name suggests is an option section.

pcb quote

5. Once you click on Next Step >, the following price chart will appear. You may select the kit quantity as per your choice and comfortable pricing:

pcb order

6. Once you select the quantity and price, the following bill details will feature:


7. Once you have reviewed your order, you may click on Next Step >, which will take you to the following form asking you to fill in your shipping details such as name, address and phone number:

pcb order page

8. After the shipping details are duly filled, you may click on Next Step > and you will reach the final step in placing your order. The following order summary will appear, please review it properly:

pcb order summary

9. When you scroll down, you will be able to see the online payment mode option, namely Credit Card Details. You may fill in the details for a successful payment. You may Upload Gerber Files too:

10. After yet another final scroll, the last step to confirm your order is to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy and then click on the CONFIRM & CHECKOUT button. Also, you may have a quick glance at your order summary under Quote Details before confirming your order:

11. To check whether your order has been truly accepted, click on the My Orders tab; your order will feature there. Also a repeat order will always show the original ID of the repeated order for your reference.


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