Power Integrity Analysis

In high-speed designs, power integrity is a critical issue due to the higher switching rate. If you hardware system involves any such component, our highly experienced professionals working on high-speed design systems can help you ensure the power integrity in your systems. To maintain power integrity of such systems, we design our circuits so that the common-impedance coupling and common-mode switching noise are kept at the minimum level. This also helps to eliminate or minimize signal integrity problems related to power supply drop.

Power Integrity Analysis Capabilities

  • Board design database set-up for analysis
  • AC and transient analysis
  • Single node analysis for optimization of capacitor placement
  • DC and steady-state analysis
  • Target impedance definition for reduced I2R losses
  • Multi-node analysis to refine overall placement of the components
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Increased Production Panel Output

We can now ship 100 production panels of 18"x24" in 5-7 working days for 2 to 10 layer designs.

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PCB Trace Technologies Inc. specializes in higher layer count PCBs, exotic materials, laser drill micro-vias, blind/buried vias, as well as conductive and non-conductive via fill.