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Impact of Global Chip Shortage on PCB Production

The global electronic industry has been facing an acute shortage of electronic components, specifically of some categories of semiconductors and chips. This includes the intricate realm of PCB or Printed Circuit Board production. In this article, we, at PCB Trace Technologies Inc., delve into a detailed exploration of strategies for mitigating the disruptive impact of […]

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Reliability and Testing Strategies for Mission-Critical PCB Applications

Testing PCBs for reliability is an extensive procedure involving multiple tests. PCB manufacturers use reliability testing to identify design flaws, making it an essential process before they can offer their circuit boards to their customers. Here, at PCB Trace Technologies Inc., we offer an overview of reliability and testing strategies for mission-critical PCB applications, the […]

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Role of Artificial Intelligence in PCB Assembly Process

The rapid growth of electronic products has made the productivity and quality requirements of manufacturing electronic products rather complicated and strict. While end consumers demand higher quality and stability from electronic products during their entire life cycle, product engineering teams require that the design of PCBs or printed circuit boards use small and precisely placed […]

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Understanding PCB Test Points

All circuit boards need to undergo some form of testing to determine the quality of the manufacturing process they have gone through. For this, the board must have specific elements that test probes can access. These elements are the test points, and it is essential that designers include them during the PCB design phase. Here, […]

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Exploring PCB Heat Sinks

Across most major industries, overheating is one of the critical concerns, especially for next-generation electronics. Moore’s law states that the number of transistors on integrated chips doubles every two years. While higher transistor density does offer increased computing power, it also leads to greater thermal loads. According to PCB Trace Technologies Inc, this situation calls […]

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